10 Top WordPress Themes

July 6th, 2008

Here a small compilation of a top 10 most downloaded themes. This MiniPack contains 10 WordPress Themes (1.5 mb).  Just download it, unpack it and upload it to your themes directory.

Click the read more link to see witch themes it contains.

Download Image 10 polulair themes Downloads: 4323 times

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How to install WordPress on a USB stick

March 8th, 2007

Having a local version of your blog is really helpful especially if you are working on a theme, playing with some plugins or doing some modifications without having to risk breaking your live blog.

Installing a web server on your portable device (usb, ipod, etc) is more convenient because you can take it where ever you go and not only you can use WordPress but you also use it to test your php/mysql powered sites or web applications.

See this article: http://ralph.fm/2007/03/08/how-to-install-wordpress-on-a-usb-stick/

You will have to download XAMPPLITE

Download Image XAMPPLITE Downloads: 47683 times

Popular Themes Super Pack 2

March 3rd, 2007

This SuperPack contains 140 WordPress Themes (30.5 mb).
Just download it, unpack it and upload it to your themes directory.

Click the read more link to see witch themes it contains.

Download Image popular_themes_superpack_2.zip Downloads: 5770 times

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You Deejay!

March 3rd, 2007


Theme Name: You Deejay!
Theme URI: http://www.talentado.com
Version: 1.0
Description: A Deejay inspired theme.
Design Author: Talentado aka Retzwerx
URL: http://isulongseoph.talentado.com

Download Image you-deejay-10.zip Downloads: 3807 times


March 3rd, 2007


Theme Name: Weeds
Theme URI: http://wordpress.nataliejost.com
Version: 1.0

Centered two-column theme with neutral colors, greens and cream/tan colors.

You can flip the position of the posts and sidebar by simply changing the float properties from left to right and right to left (one right, the other left). Those are found in the stylesheet under #sidebar and #content.

Author: Natalie Jost
Author URI: http://www.nataliejost.com/

Download Image weeds-10.zip Downloads: 3574 times


March 3rd, 2007


Theme Name: Waterlily
Theme URI: http://www.ewebscapes.com
Description: Waterlily Theme
Version: 2.5
Author: Lisa Sabin-Wilson
Author URI: http://ewebscapes.com

Download Image waterlily-20.zip Downloads: 3532 times


March 3rd, 2007


THEME NAME: veryplaintxt
THEME URI: http://www.plaintxt.org/themes/veryplaintxt/
DESCRIPTION: Think McSweeny’s. Fluid 2-column layout with Widgets support. For WordPress 2.0.x and 2.1.
AUTHOR: Scott Allan Wallick
AUTHOR URI: http://scottwallick.com/

Download Image veryplaintxt-20.zip Downloads: 3344 times

Vermilion Christmas

March 3rd, 2007


Theme Name: Vermilion Christmas
Theme URI: http://wpthemes.amazing-christmas-ideas.com/vc/
Description: Vermilion Christmas is a holiday theme with a vivid red and green color scheme. The header graphic depicts a wintertime forest of white Christmas trees with a subtle image of Santa Claus and his reindeer flying over the snowy treetops in the distance on Christmas Eve. You can even make out the faint glow of Rudolf’s nose! The design is SE-friendly with clean title tags and content put before navigation. Visit the Vermilion Christmas blog for support. Provided by Amazing Christmas Ideas.
Version: 1.0
Author: Christmas WordPress Themes
Author URI: http://wpthemes.amazing-christmas-ideas.com/

Download Image vermilion-christmas-10.zip Downloads: 3281 times


March 3rd, 2007


Theme Name: v4ny16
Theme URI: http://v4ny.net
Description: This is the description
Version: 1.0
Author: Vanessa Ferreira
Author URI: http://v4ny.net

Download Image v4ny16-10.zip Downloads: 3402 times


March 3rd, 2007


Theme Name: TerraFirma
Theme URI: http://wpthemepark.com
Description: TerraFirma by nodethirtythree , WordPress Theme by WP ThemePark
Version: 3.3.1
Author: Sadish Bala
Author URI: http://wpthemepark.com

Download Image terrafirma-10.zip Downloads: 3333 times